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Artisan Events

The name of the company, Artisan Events, reflects the manner in which we approach the planning of each wedding. To be an Artisan is to be skilled in handcrafting an item, producing it lovingly and perfectly. An Artisan product is the antithesis of mass-production, each one has its own unique stamp and appearance. By choosing to hold a wedding in Vail or Beaver Creek, you have already set your wedding apart. Our incredible mountain settings, beautiful chapels and outdoor venues lend an undeniably special character to the wedding weekend.

As a bride and groom enter into the wedding planning process, the road ahead seems daunting; so many decisions, details and deadlines. Our goal is to assist you in determining your vision with your budget in mind, and the type of statement that you want to make to your guests. We enter into this creative journey together, helping you to negotiate the minefields of the planning and picking up on threads of ideas in order to weave them into a beautiful design.

This is accomplished by listening to our bride and groom’s ideas, your heritage and family traditions, your hobbies and interests, why you selected Colorado as your wedding site. We start with broad strokes and refine the wedding style as we go along, always focused on creating an event bearing the distinct print of the bride, the groom and your families.

At Artisan Events, we are honored to be selected to assist with one of the most important days in any family’s life. Our mission statement is to transform your dreams into a well-planned, beautifully crafted reality.






Artisan Events provides wedding planning or wedding coordinating throughout the Vail valley, Beaver Creek and beyond at such venues as Beano's Cabin, Allie's Cabin, Spruce Saddle, SaddleRidge, Zach's Cabin, the Lodge and Spa at Cordillera, the Ritz Carlton, the Beaver Creek Lodge, the Vail Chapel, Beaver Creek Chapel, Donovan Pavilion, the Sonnenalp Lodge, Timberhearth Grill, Red Sky Ranch, Park Hyatt, Game Creek Club, Splendido, Grouse Mountain Grill, Lazy J Ranch, Larkspur Restaurant, the Lodge at Vail,